Meet Ksenia

Too many brands label themselves “Natural” only to be a marketing gimmick rather than an actual company standard! Here at Ksenskin we develop products that work their powers through nature and truly transform your skin health!

The illustrious Creator of KSENSKIN. Born in Greece, Ksenia moved to Los Angeles from Eastern Europe in 2014. California and Eastern Europe are both epicenters of the beauty industry and hubs for inspiration in the heart of a young budding entrepreneur.

Ksenia has a passion for skincare centered in gentle, non-stripping products, as well as scientifically based, clean, natural formulations. Ksenia used both of these principles to fuel her development of KSENSKIN. Since adolescence, Ksenia has been passionate about science and skincare and has dedicated her life to the research and development of new methodologies, different products, and innovative ingredients. Her favorite formulas have always been fun, inventive, and made with high-quality components.

With a medical doctor for a mother, she had early exposure to how different diseases and conditions present themselves in the body as well as the skin. Ksenia's mother also exposed her to the many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found naturally in plants and how they can be used to heal and nurture many of these conditions through a consistent regimen. Using the knowledge passed down from her mother and an innate passion for all things beauty, it was not long before Ksenia began to formulate her own products. Ksenia took a particular interest in the skin and researched natural ingredients and organic herbs to create clean, effective products. Her dedication and innovation soon paid off, and before long, this passion evolved into a dream to create a brand of transformative skincare products.